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Youth Ashford is a KCC Commissioned Service.

It provides places to go for young people in the borough.

We have a number of places for young people to come meet friends and hang out, with lots of things going on. You can also drop in and meet with local advisers and get specialist support.

Come and talk to us.

We are happy to talk to you about anything you need support and advice on.

It could be you need advice on education, employment and training, sexual health advice, healthy eating or discuss emotions and feelings.


Whatever your needs, we are here to help. If the person best suited to help you isn't available, we can help you get connected.

If you just want a place to 'be', then that is OK too.


The type of people you may meet include:


drug and alcohol workers

mental health and wellbeing support workers

sexual health advisors

smoking or alcohol advisors

public service professionals

training advisors

workers from other support services

sports coaches & activity instructors

youth workers

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